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An ugly DuCkling

you are an ugly duckling!的中文翻译 you are an ugly duckling! 你是一只丑小鸭! duckling 英[ˈdʌklɪŋ] 美[ˈdʌklɪŋ] n. 小鸭,幼鸭; 丑小鸭(初似平庸后来出众的人或事物); [例句]She was a shy, u...

翻译: 丑小鸭 duckling 小鸭 princeling 小王子

What an ugly duckling it is! . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

The Ugly Duckling One evening, the sun was just setting in with true splendor when 1)a flock of beautiful large birds appeared out of the bushes. The duckling had never seen anything so beautiful. They were dazzlingly white wit...

An old woman drives the ugly duckling away. 意思是:一个老妇人把丑小鸭赶走了。 drives v. 强迫( drive的第三人称单数 ); 驱使; 驱赶; 消除 驾车快于,驾车技术胜过( outdrive的第三人称单数 )

The Ugly Duckling It was summer. A duck was sitting in her nest. Her ...Baby ducks:It’s just an “ugly ducking”! We don’t like to stay ...

Ben is telling us a story that is about an ugly ducking. 定语从句 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!有不明白的可以追问! 如果您认可我的回答,请点击下面的【选为满意回答】按钮,谢谢!

Not an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

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