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back and forth [英][bæk ænd fɔ:θ][美][bæk ənd fɔrθ] 来回地; 一来一往; 例句: 1. Kiss your guy and pass it back and forth. 亲吻你的情人,你们把那块冰来回传递。 2. Ls it a kid's ball thatyou throw bac...

back-and-forth 反复地,来回地 Hold the floss tightly against the tooth, and move it away from the gum. Slide itfirmly down the tooth surface, combining this with a back-and-forth motion. 牙线紧紧地贴着牙齿 ,往上向远离牙龈的方...

go back and forth_百度翻译 go back and forth 英[ɡəu bæk ænd fɔ:θ] 美[ɡo bæk ənd fɔrθ] 踅 [例句]And I go back and forth between those people. 我在那些人之间团团转。

back and forth backwards and forwards; to and from; up and down来来回回地*She walked back and forth on the path.她在小径上来回走着。

原句: She passed the needle through the rough cloth, back and forth. 她一针一针地缝那块粗布。 满意请采纳,祝你学习进步~

backward and forward 后退前进 back and forth 来来往往。。。

slide back and forth ten times in thre...的中文翻译 slide back and forth ten times in three seconds 在三秒内来回滑动十次

这俩是近义词 都是副词,没有太大的区别,意思都是moving from one place to another and back again,或者from side to side。要非说有区别的话(说真的,区别不大),我个人认为backward and forward 可以用来借喻或者说是比喻。例如: the la...

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to rock back and forth 百度翻译 来回晃动 双语对照 例句: 1. Our parents cuddie and hug us, and rock us gently back and forth. 父母把我们搂抱住,轻轻地来回摇摆。

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