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back and forth [英][bæk ænd fɔ:θ][美][bæk ənd fɔrθ] 来回地; 一来一往; 例句: 1. Kiss your guy and pass it back and forth. 亲吻你的情人,你们把那块冰来回传递。 2. Ls it a kid's ball thatyou throw bac...

back-and-forth 反复地,来回地 Hold the floss tightly against the tooth, and move it away from the gum. Slide itfirmly down the tooth surface, combining this with a back-and-forth motion. 牙线紧紧地贴着牙齿 ,往上向远离牙龈的方...

go back and forth_百度翻译 go back and forth 英[ɡəu bæk ænd fɔ:θ] 美[ɡo bæk ənd fɔrθ] 踅 [例句]And I go back and forth between those people. 我在那些人之间团团转。

back and forth backwards and forwards; to and from; up and down来来回回地*She walked back and forth on the path.她在小径上来回走着。

21世纪大英汉词典 back and forth 来来往往地 (前后)来回(地);来来往往地;交互地;反复地;翻来覆去地 以上来源于:《21世纪大英汉词典》 同近义词 反复地,来回地 to and fro 双语例句原声例句权威例句 Switching between these states allow...

原句: She passed the needle through the rough cloth, back and forth. 她一针一针地缝那块粗布。 满意请采纳,祝你学习进步~

backward and forward 后退前进 back and forth 来来往往。。。

He walked back and forth waiting for the doctor. He stepped back and forth waiting for the return of the doctor.

歌曲名:Back And Forth 歌手:Foo Fighters 专辑:Wasting Light album: Wasting Light Once upon a time I was somebody else In another life I saw myself Way back then, back when I was new Somehere down the line I started to slip Years...


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